Podcast NewA great way to stay in touch and keep up on current teaching at Bridgeway is to listen in on our weekly podcasts of sermons and info. There are a number of ways to subscribe to our podacst.

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The easiest way to subscribe to podcasts is through your aggregator of choice. (An aggregator is a program that allows you to subscribe to our feed, goes out and downloads the podcast automatically or manually depending on your settings, and allows you to listen to the podcasts you've downloaded.)

We recommend iTunes or Juice, both of which are free and run on multiple platforms.

Click here for iTunes tutorials.

Once you've got iTunes on your system, open it up. Click on iTunes Store, and type Bridgeway into the search box in the upper right. Select the section of results that says PODCASTS, and find Bridgeway's podcast: it's the one with this logo:

Click the Subscribe button, and it will subscribe you to our podcast. When you want to hear a sermon, just open up iTunes, click on Podcasts in the upper left, and choose Bridgeway Christian Church Sermons. Pick the one you want and hit play!

Podcast files are highly compressed mp3 files. If you subscribe through iTunes, it will place the files on your hard drive in the iTunes > iTunes Music > Podcasts > Bridgeway Christian Church Sermons folder. You can drag the files from that folder to your mp3 player to listen in on the road.  Or you can select the files in iTunes and transfer them to your iPod or sync the podcast on your iPhone.

If you want to download the files directly from the RSS feed, click here, then right click (PC) or control-click (Mac) and chose Save Target as or Save File As - this will allow you to chose a location on your hard drive and save the mp3 file directly to it. Once it has been saved, you can play it back in any mp3 player you may have on your computer. If you double-click the file it will open up in whatever program you have selected as your default Mp3 player.



1. Download the podcast to your PC or Mac.

2. Open iTunes, click on the File menu and choose Add File to Library. Search for where you saved the podcast on your computer, click on the file, and then click on the Open button.

3. Create a playlist in iTunes (click on the plus button in the bottom left of iTunes and name the playlist) and then click on the Library icon under Source in the left-hand portion of iTunes. Select and drag the podcast(s) that you want into your playlist.

4. Once finished, click on your playlist and then click on the Burn Disc icon in the upper-right portion of iTunes.

5. Insert a blank CD-R disc and click Burn Disc again.

6. After iTunes finishes burning your playlist to the CD (this will take several minutes), take the CD out and play it in any CD player.

TIP: Be certain that iTunes is configured to burn CDs as audio CDs so that the completed CD will play in any CD player. To check this:

1. Choose Edit > Preferences, then click the Advanced tab at the top of the window and click Burning.

2. Choose Audio CD as the Disc Format.

3. Click OK.