Women of all ages, stages, seasons of life and level of spiritual maturity.





Women helping Women become all God wants them to be through...

  • Providing opportunity to grow in the knowledge of who God is
  • Providing relational experience for women to grow in the grace and peace of God
  • Providing training and opportunity for women to serve and live on mission





Women's Ministry has a wide variety of on going and seasonal programs

  • On-Campus and Home Studies
  • MOPS and MOMS Next Programs
  • Conferences and Retreats
  • Special Events
  • In-House and Outside Missional Service
  • Live Worship



We offer opportunities for both on site and off site connection. Many of our study groups meet at the church to allow for onsite childcare and the opportunity to participate in the live community worship.




Everything we do in women's ministry at Bridgeway is designed to connect you with our Lord and with each other Through authentic, purposeful interactions we can become a close-knit community of women who motivate one another towards Christ.




Search for Women's Ministry on The City, or email Diane Bussani at