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The family ministry at Bridgeway exists to bring couples and families together to grow in their relationship with God and each other through small groups, parenting and marriage enrichment classes, and social events.




Classes, small groups, and events are held throughout the week.




Most classes and groups occur at Bridgeway and offer childcare.




Our goals are:
  • To strengthen our church by connecting families and fostering lifelong relationships.
  • To reach out to people that would otherwise feel disconnected in a large church.
  • To help parents and children grow together in their relationship with God and each other.
  • To support parents in their role of raising children.



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    She was petrified she would let her kids down, but the Bridgeway Homeschool Support Ministry helped point her in the right direction.

    When Mike and Mindy Peña felt God calling them to homeschool their children, they were more than apprehensive. “I remember thinking we were never going to do THAT!” Mindy says. “I didn’t want to stay at home all day schooling my children without any training, support, or experience.”

    For years, the Peña family had been part of a local homeschooling co-op they say was an incredible blessing from God, but when they moved to the Rocklin area and found themselves on their own for six months, they realized they were missing something. That’s when God brought the Bridgeway Homeschool Support Ministry into their lives.  The parents in the group encouraged the Peñas and prayed for them when they were struggling. They helped them navigate the endless choices of homeschooling. They invited Mindy and her kids to serve with them. But most importantly, they became a safe place for Mindy to let down her guard and feel accepted—with all her “yuckyness,” she says.

    If you have more questions or need additional details about how to join the group, e-mail Susan Richey, the leader of the Homeschool Support Ministry, at .