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Diane Pascua - Office Manager and Soul Care Admin
Diane Pascua joined the team at Bridgeway in 2006.  She's the voice behind the phone, the face behind the desk, the wrangler of all things ministry- office- facility- people- schedule related.  And then some.  
Lauren Rantisi - Edge Jr. High Administrator
I'm Lauren Rantisi, and I am the Admin for Edge middle school ministry. My husband Tony and I have been attending Bridgeway for about 2 years, and we love it! We currently do not have kids but would like some in the near future. We moved to Roseville from the Bay Area in 2013. I grew up in a town called Hercules about 20 minutes outside San Francisco. I attended Sonoma State University and received my Bachelors degree in Sociology. I planned to use my degree to become a Christian counselor, but God had other plans for me! For me, church is a place I love and call home. Growing up in a Pastor's household, I came to know the Lord at a very early age. I feel blessed to be apart of a wonderful ministry!
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I have lived in the Roseville/Rocklin area my whole life and have watched the area grow & grow. My husband and I began attending Bridgeway in 2010. I've been on Staff as the Scheduling Coordinator since 2013. I have 4 sons, a daughter-in-law, 2 grandsons and a granddaughter! I have also been blessed with many spiritual daughters and sons! They all keep me pretty busy, but I love it! I have a ferocious love of God and His Word and a passion for teaching it! I LOVE to hear what God is doing in people's lives. It's a privilege to serve God in any capacity and love this Bridgeway family!

Lena Semenyuk - Events Coordinator
Melissa Liddle - Fuel Sr. High Administrator
Michelle Eastman - Datebase Manager
My husband, Stephen and I have been attending Bridgeway since 2010. We have four beautiful blessings, Bekah, Amanda, Sam & Max. I had the pleasure of volunteering in Women's Ministries and Kidsway, prior to joining Bridgeway Staff in August 2014. 
Amanda Beck - Administrative Assistant to Lance Hahn & BYA Administrator
I grew up in California in a town called Campbell, right next to San Jose. While I don't have kids, I do have a dog named Maverick. I didn't grow up in a Christian household, but did start to develop a relationship with God through Young Life in High School. In early 2014 I moved up to Roseville  for a change of pace. I started attending Bridgeway not long after I moved here, and came on staff just a few months after that. Working at Bridgeway has been so great in more ways then one, I have the chance to use my gift of administration in the church and it has given me a family up in the Rocklin area.
Tracy Benda - Connections Manager
I was born in Iowa and moved to California when I was 12. I have a beautiful daughter named Autumn. I began attending Bridgeway in January of 2010 and joined the staff in August of 2013. I knew that God had led me here but I was not quite sure why. Then slowly, day by day, year by year God began awakening my soul to a greater awareness of who He is and my part in His perfect plan! As I continue to grow closer and closer to Him, He is ever so faithful to show me that I am walking out answered prayer.  Walking out my purpose.  Not exactly sure what that means, but here I am! 
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Dave Bresnyan - Director of Facilities
Was crazy and destructive for the first 35 years of my life until Jesus captured my heart. Now I’m just crazy, not destructive.
Married to my awesome wife for 39 years  and have five awesome kids (all grown up) one is my son in law, and they love the Lord. I love serving God’s poor and homeless and also love serving in childrens ministries.
I’m a remodeling contractor and love making things beautiful (Like Gungor) in homes and buildings. Wanted to build a mountain top chalet in the sanctuary for the worship and arts weekend but I couldn’t get a permit in time.(ha-ha). I love taking care of our place of worship to make it a nice and comfortable place to be and LOVE being around this amazing group of people at Bridgeway and all of the amazing talent God has blessed them with!!

Emanuel Arigoroae - Asst. Facilities Director
Heidi Courghran - Director of Operations
Sonya Hollan - Financial/HR AssociateSonya Hollan - Financial/HR Associate
Jani Jacobs - Controller