Lance Hahn, Senior Pastor

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Lance Hahn, Senior Pastor & Elder


I’m wildly passionate about God and people, so it’s no wonder why the Lord called me into full time ministry to shepherd His people.  I find myself losing sense of time as I dig into Scriptures and prepare the message for myself and everyone at church. The only thing that compares to my passion for the Lord and His church is my family. I’m married to my beautiful wife Suzi and have two precious daughters, Jillian and Andie who are my pride and joy. I’ve led Bridgeway since 1997 and still get excited every time I walk in the building.  Being the pastor of this church is my favorite ‘job’ ever, if you can call it that. It is such and honor to be used by God to bring about spiritual change in the lives of those under my care.  “Moving You Closer to Christ” is not just a church logo, but my personal motto as well.

  • #1 most played song on your iPod: “The Earth is Yours” By Gungor off Beautiful Things Album.
  • Least favorite chore: Picking up dog poop.
  • favorite childhood food: Captain Crunch Cereal
  • What would you name your autobiography: From Fear to Power
  • Favorite local hangout (besides church): There’s Somewhere Other Than Church???



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Jason Stewart, Discipleship Pastor & Elder

Jesus drew me to Him as a teenager through two friends who cared about me. Seeing a joy for life and caring for one another in a local church in East Tennessee, I was hooked. After leading in my family’s business and volunteer ministry, Jesus directed to me lead the church full-time so that every man, woman, and child would be disciples who are leaders on mission in their community and world. Most of my life until joining the team at Bridgeway has been in Tennessee and one year in Seattle, WA.

After a life centered on Jesus comes my incredible family. My wife Kelly started as great friends in high school and were married a year after we graduated college. We have four children: our girls, Parker and Emery, are discovering the world of preteen. Our two boys are Bradley who is all things sports and Judson who we adopted from Ethiopia in 2012 when he was two.

I love leading the church to accomplish God’s mission and leaning into His dreams for a faith community. I love teaming with people: staff, elders, group leaders, and individuals to see His work in us and through us. I love dreaming, collaborating to put a plan together, involving others, and seeing results that impact lives. I love seeing those far from God come into a relationship with Him and engaging other believers to do the same. 

I am at my best as a leader and pastor when I am seeing and inspiring others to see the future for themselves and the church. Then, spotting the pathways and patterns to help individuals or groups move to that vision with wisdom. Like a good point guard on a basketball team (my first sport and passion early in life), I have a good grasp on all the plays that can be called, I call the play for the needed situation, resource others so they can run the play, and then hustle to execute the play.

  • #1Song on my iPhone: Crowder songs and Kristian Stanfill songs along with my songs written by my friends at LifePoint music and tunes by Benji Cowart
  • Least favorite chore: Matching socks from the laundry
  • Favorite Childhood Food: Peanut Butter and Jelly Sandwich (does ice cream count)
  • What Would You Name Your Autobiography: Make It Count
  • Favorite Local Hangout: #1 Where my wife is, #2 where my kids are, #3 where my friends are 

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Mark Henkel, Associate Pastor & Elder

I was raised in a Catholic family and came to faith in Christ when I was 20 years old. Through an outreach of the Campus Crusade ministry at Cal State Sacramento, I learned of the historical evidence for the resurrection of Christ and how I could have a personal relationship with God through faith in Christ. I realized that was what I was missing, so I put my trust in Christ one Saturday morning and have been on an incredible adventure with Him ever since.

I immediately got involved with the campus ministry and had plans to go on staff with Campus Crusade after college, but God had other plans. After completing my undergrad degree in Communication Studies, I was invited to work with the college ministry at Arcade Church in Sacramento. It was there that God gave me a love for ministry in the local church and a desire to go to seminary to get more training. It was also there that I met my wife, Joyce. We’ve been married now for over 28 years (I was only 12 when we got married!:) and we have been blessed with four children—Emily, Rebecca, Daniel and David.

I completed a Master of Divinity degree from Western Seminary in Portland, Oregon, and after seminary Joyce and I served as short-term missionaries in Sao Paulo, Brazil. We relocated back to Sacramento and served in ministry at various churches. I was the Outreach Director at Lakeside Church in Folsom in the mid '90's and helped with the church planting effort that started Bridgeway. I also worked for over 13 years at Intel in Folsom as a web designer, product & program manager, and systems analyst on a software development team.

We have been attending Bridgeway since September of 2000 and I joined our staff in July of 2007. I had wanted to serve in full-time ministry since my junior year in college. That dream finally came true 25 years later! (I was on the Moses plan. He didn’t start his ministry until he was 80 years old, so at least I’m ahead of him!) I totally love this church, the people and the staff, and count it a tremendous privilege to serve here.

  • #1Song on my iPod:  Who Cares?” By Idunno. Okay, I’m usually listening to some of my favorite Christian artists (Crowder, Brandon Heath, etc.,) or sometimes the old classics from The Beatles, Cat Stevens, etc. (Yes, I'm showing my age!)
  • Least favorite chore: Scooping poop.
  • Favorite Childhood Food: Captain Crunch!
  • What Would You Name Your Autobiography:  “Mark Henkel: An Autobiography” – creative, I know. Or maybe, “Life on the Moses Plan: How to get where you’re going in 25 easy years!”
  • Favorite Local Hangout: Home with the family.
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Matt Bach, Senior High Pastor
  • #1Song on my iPod:
  • Least favorite chore:
  • Favorite Childhood Food:
  • What Would You Name Your Autobiography:
  • Favorite Local Hangout:
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Eric Upton, Junior High Pastor

My name is Eric Upton, I am the middle school ministries pastor here at Bridgeway. I am married to my amazing and beautiful wife Kristy, and we have an incredibly gorgeous daughter names Brylee.

I have been in youth ministry since 2004 first as a volunteer and then two years later became a youth pastor for the first time. I was born and raised in the Sacramento area, and grew up going to church. I am blessed to be able to be living within God’s will for my life, and working in my dream job.

I look forward to how God will continue to work and allow me to be a part of it, and am excited to be here at Bridgeway in the process. I have been here since 2010, and look forward to many years of fruitful ministry in the future.

  • #1Song on my iPod: I have an iPod, I have music on it, but I don’t play that music very often. I listen to Pandora a lot, and the station I listen to most right now is either “The City Harmonic” station or Kambino. If you want some legit Christian rap, hit up the Kambino station, but if you’re looking to do some chilling with Jesus, The City Harmonic is the way to go for sure.
  • Least favorite chore: Laundry! I hate Laundry. I love clothes, but hate laundry. Plus my wife and I live in a condo with no laundry hook up so we have to hit up the laundry mat to do it all. Which means we use all our clothes until we have none left, and then spend all day doing it at the laundry mat. It’s lame!
  • Favorite Childhood Food: I love Chicken Nuggets and Tater Tots. I still eat them often and every time my wife asks me what I want from the store I have her grab me some chicken nuggets and tater tots! mmmmm
  • What Would You Name Your Autobiography: My autobiography would be simply titled after my name in Cantonese, “Who-flung-poo!” just kidding;I would title it “What Upton?” (pronounced What Up-ton?) it’s what Brian Lisk says to me every time we pass each other at church, and I figure, it’s kind of catchy, and would work for an autobiography title because the book would be able to answer the title’s question.
  • Favorite Local Hangout: I’m pretty sure you’re going to see a lot of this, but I do a lot of my work at Starbucks, but I choose the one near Woodcreek High School, it’s a good one and very consistent with their iced white mocha production. 
Travis Hoehne, Interim Young Adults Director


  • #1Song on my iPod: 
  • Least favorite chore: 
  • Favorite Childhood Food: 
  • What Would You Name Your Autobiography: 
  • Favorite Local Hangout: 

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Brian Kiley, Director of Connections

My name is Brian Kiley, and I'm the Director of Connections here at Bridgeway! I've been married to Christie since 2007, and we have two super cool boys, Matthew (born in 2011) and Joey (born in 2013).

I've been serving in pastoral ministry since 2006 first as a college and young adults pastor, then as a youth pastor, and now here as the singles pastor. I was born and raised in the Sacramento area, and moved to Southern California for college in 2001. After college, seminary, and several great years in ministry, I was ready to return to Northern California by the time we moved back in 2012. My family and I started attending Bridgeway shortly after we moved up here, and I came on staff in April of 2013.

When I'm not at church or with my family I love reading, writing, laughing, running, exploring the outdoors, and watching my favorite sports teams (Kings, Niners, UCLA Bruins) lose.

  • #1Song on my iPod: = Anything from Rend Collective's "The Art of Celebration" album. It's a Jesus-loving Irish folksy good time.
  • Least favorite chore: Doing the dishes! I don't mind making the meal, but cleaning up is the worst!
  • Favorite Childhood Food: Skittles!
  • What Would You Name Your Autobiography: I'm Kidding, But Really
  • Favorite Local Hangout: Anyplace with good coffee and outdoor seating.