Staff - Jake - THUMBNAIL
Jake Owen, Worship Pastor

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Google the name ‘Jake Owen’ and you’ll get a strapping, guitar playing, young buck of a country singer who charms the audience with charisma and teeth that you shouldn't look at when the sunlight is reflecting off of them.

That’s not me.

While the name and the guitar playing (and the teeth perhaps) are commonalities between us, from there we deviate.

I’m in love with Christ and in love with His bride- the Church. I've always been fairly emotional, creative, and highly sensitive to the world around me. The very nature of nature itself is to honor the King who- in His creativity- breathed life into dust, said it was good, and sat upon His throne to allow it to honor Him with the breath that He gave to it. For this reason I’m wildly passionate about letting God know that I love Him by stepping forward faithfully and creatively telling Him and other people that He’s the main character in this Kingdom story. My purpose in His Church is to lead people into a growing relationship with Jesus Christ; drawing them into authentic worship by pointing to Him through Gospel-truths, artistic expression, and lives that reflect His character. Our God is good and I will always chase after Him with whatever strength that I have.

Staff - Brian - Thumbnail
Brian Lisk, Director of Sound

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I grew up on the east coast in a small town in Connecticut.  I moved to California in 1998, graduated high school, and started working in tech support.  My whole life, I have loved music and attending live concerts.  When I heard that some bands allowed fan recordings, I started to learn about how I could do it myself.  I accepted Christ during this time, and several years later, I got involved as a volunteer in the sound ministry at Bridgeway, until I was hired to be on staff in 2008. I am very passionate about the family I have in the congregation at Bridgeway. It is my job and my joy to, along with my team of volunteers, to serve the worship team in such a way to where, you… my family at Bridgeway… can freely worship Christ.


STAFF - Jeff - thumbnail
Jeff Eberhardt, Technical Director

I was born and raised in Oregon, did my college duties down in L.A., and landed somewhere in the middle for all of my working life. My lovely wife, Claire, and I met back in high school. We dated in college and immediately moved here to the Sacramento area to start our new life together back in 2004. We have 4 children that we have adopted through the foster care system, and we are actively seeking to add more little ones to our family through the fost-to-adopt system. I’ve worked in many professional envrionments doing Audio/Visual production. I love creative expression, and crafting new environments for people to worship within. I am thrilled to be fully invested in ministry for my working life, and I am humbled that God would choose me for this position to work with and alongside so many incredible people.

Kirstie Marchiano - Video Specialist/Office Manager

I was born in Adelaide, Australia but raised in the Sacramento region from the age of seven onwards. My passion for video production first developed as I watched my father work on various video projects. With the ability to learn at my fingertips, I turned a hobby into a career. After graduating from CSU Sacramento in 2013 with a Bachelor's of Arts Degree in Film Production, I formed a desire to tell the stories of others. While attending school, I was given the opportunity to intern with a local broadcasting company where I gained hands on experience in television production. In January 2014, God confirmed my place at Bridgeway by leading me to the video team, where I furthered my knowledge of video production, directing, and editing. Now, as a staff member, I have the ability to utilize my skills for the Kingdom of God. In July 2014, I had the honor of marrying my best friend Nick, who I met at a local church in 2012. Currently, we reside in West Roseville, and are enjoying life with our two kittens Kona and Hula.


Montana Maurer - Technical Production Engineer

I was born in Illinois and have had the privilege of growing up in multiple places. I have lived in Illinois, Colorado, Texas, Iowa, Indiana, on a bus – touring the country, and now, California. After high school, I started the college track for production in worship environments. I soon after started an internship for Christian Leadership, and then ended up living on a bus, touring the country putting on Christian Youth Conferences for high schoolers in arenas all around the country. It was then that I knew I had found my calling to be in full-time ministry. Now I serve here at Bridgeway in the Creative Arts Department. I absolutely love getting to work with people doing something that I love, and getting to see lives changed and wrecked for the Lord in such a tangible way.

Kolin Kraning, Communications Specialist